About Us

The MAS medical product trade GmbH is headquartered in Leibniz Austria. They have successfully been engaged for over 20 years with the development and production of health devices using pulsed magnetic field systems (PEMF) in the areas of wellness, health, sport and well-being. Their products are sold all over the world by licensed independent distributors.

In the USA, BODY FIELDS is the exclusive sole licensed FDA registered importer of MAS. Their warehouse is located in Chicago Illinois for shipping goods to customers and for warranty repairs. If you are purchasing your device from an independent distributor in North America, make sure they are licensed by Body Fields to sell the product. Products that are not registered with the FDA will not have a warranty in the United States.

MASMagnetics.com (masusa.com) is an authorized representative for print and digital marketing, private and conference training, trade show presentations and direct online sales in North America for MAS products.

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