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AUTHORIZED MAS DISTRIBUTOR FOR USA & CANADA (MAS-USA) is the official website for North America and the authorized distributor for MAS products in the USA and Canada.

All systems that are imported into the USA and CANADA by non-licenced distributors must be returned to Austria for warranty service. *Any imports of MAS products into North America by individuals or unlicensed distributors are considered illegal imports. Click here for further clarification

BODY FIELDS INC is the exclusive importer and FDA register for MAS products in North America. The North American fulfillment centre is convienently located in Chicago Illinois to serve US and Canadian customers.
BODY FIELDS handle all warranty claims and repairs for MAS systems sold in North America.

Training by authorized consultants are provided free online via Skype or in person for an additional charge. For more information about sales and training services for MAS please send an email to:


The MAS Medical Product Trade GmbH is headquartered in Leibnitz/Austria
HauptstraBe 50 – 8431 | Tralla/Leibnitz
For all sales and purchases made outside of North America, warranty service is provided by MAS in their service centers that are located in Leibnitz Austria.
Please contact MAS AUSTRIA for information about returning devices for warranty repair service.

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