Ordering & Returns

MAS sells their products worldwide directly to consumers with the assistance of authorized wellness consultants. Unlike some other PEMF manufacturers that sell their products via multi-level marketing organizations, MAS is focused on training the purchaser so they have the best experience with MAS products. These skilled consultants consist of licensed healthcare workers, alternative energy medicine experts, scientists, teachers and environmental experts who have become MAS evangelists that are well versed with the superior operational features of MAS.

MAS Magnetics.com and MASUSA.com is the official North American website for MAS products. When you purchase a MAS product in the USA or Canada, delivery comes directly from the manufacturer in Austria and usually takes 1 week to arrive via UPS. Canadians may purchase MAS to import the device into Canada for their personal use. You may purchase products directly from this website.

Once your device arrives, you will be assigned a mentor who will become your personal trainer to coach you to master the use of Frequency Therapy for your optimal health and wellbeing. Our consultants are here to offer suggestions for best  health practices that may involve lifestyle changes that are related to environmental toxins, optimal nutrition, enhanced water, grounding (also known as “earthing”)  exercise and meditation.

We believe that magnetic fields are not only the perfect tool for those that specialize in therapies for the body, we also feel that the mind and the soul of the individual play a vital role to regain and maintain good health. Our consultants are educated in the science of bio-magnetic fields, frequencies and wave shapes. We provide you with a mentor to educate you so that the operation of the device is not only easy, but effective for your needs.

For more information about MAS or to get started on your purchase, contact us at:

[email protected]

We will have the appropriate consultant contact you.