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MAS Special Multi+ $4,950

Our top of the line model features 100 gauss intensity, mat and pillow applicators, fully programable sine wave frequencies ranging from .2 to 9999 hertz. Offers additional square, sawtooth and multi-resonance waveforms. No other machine on the market has these features.

The Special Multi+ is the MAS flagship product. It retains the same functionality of previous legacy frequency generators but utilizes a mat and pillow instead of the round solenoid coils.  Inside the mat are 17 high intensity electromagnets of copper wire that deliver the evenly displaced electromagnetic fields. Ten large copper coils supply sine wave and square waves and seven smaller copper coils supply sawtooth waves.  A high performance electromagnet is encapsulated in a soft pillow for local applications.

The controller unit has been pre-programmed to allow the user to select a wide variety of settings that utilize frequencies and waveforms. The Special Multi+ also offers the user the capability to customize and store their own settings. Some programs allow you to using sweeping frequencies and intensities that rise and fall during a predetermined time and interval. You can manually vary the intensity from sensitive to high intensity.

  • Combined field strength of mat is over 100 Gauss (10 mT)
  • Sine wave frequency is adjustable from 1-9999 Hz;
  • Includes the 7.83 Schumann resonance found in the earths natural magnetic field
  • Additional waveforms include a variety of rectangle, saw tooth and triangle.  
  • Various application settings include 94 popular preset settings and 9 programs.
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