The History of MAS

The name of our product line is called MAS and it stands for MAgnetic Systems. The company was established over 30 years ago in Leibnitz/Austria with the intent to provide high quality professional Constant Wave (CW) and Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) for use by frequency therapists in hospitals and clinics. Initially embraced by sports doctors to treat professional athletes and with the help of the internet, our products have now found a home with well informed private individuals that also want to share it with family and even their pets.

What makes MAS the preferred choice for both professionals and the savvy home consumer is their deep history of providing clinicians with a technology that allows for the selection of thousands of effective therapeutic frequencies and numerous modulated waveform shapes that are delivered at appropriate intensities to treat a wide variety of emerging health conditions.

What Makes MAS Think Different?

Today, most consumer magnetic field therapy devices are simple to use low intensity digital “wellness” devices and the majority are sold via multilevel marketing reps for home use. They offer one or two types of modulated waveforms at set frequencies targeted to treat pain and/or improve the circulation of the blood through the body. If we compare this to the invention of radio, it would be like  an AM radio receiver and there was only the capability to receive the radio broadcast frequencies of ABC, CBS and NBC to listen to.

The top of the line MAS Special-Multi+ product offers over 10,000 selectable frequencies and numerous waveforms that use complimentary therapeutic intensities to activate biological responses in the body. It is a powerful device capable of delivering 100 Gauss at the surface of the electromagnetic pillow applicator. It comes with a simple user guide, itemized into 94 preset programs that are formulated by Austrian doctors for treating the wide variety of conditions that MAS is capable of.

Where did MAS PEMF Therapy Originate?

Today, most electromagnetic field therapy utilizes technology based upon Helmholtz or Tesla coils – the later named after the world famous developer of alternating current (AC) sine wave electricity – Nikola Tesla, who was born in the Austrian Empire and schooled at the Austrian Polytechnic School in Gratz.

After immigrating to the USA to begin his work as an inventor, Tesla developed our 60 Hz power distribution system and found many uses for electricity in medicine. He incorporated the Tesla Electrotherapeutic Company in 1909 to provide medical technology to electricians and doctors that wanted to use electricity to treat a wide variety of health conditions. It’s here that the first beginnings of MAS frequency therapy came to fruition.

The coils Tesla used contained windings of copper, and when energized with alternating sine wave currents of electricity, they would produce an electromagnetic field. If you are near or inside this magnetic field, the electric portion of the magnetic field is absorbed into your body. An electric current is then induced into the cells of your body without the use of wires. In the picture below Tesla utilizes both induced fields in a direct series circuit connection between himself and the patient.  The strength of the field could be regulated by moving the the secondary coil that is held in your hand closer or further from the primary coil below. Tesla combined his personal bioelectric magnetic field to influence the healing process.

Nicola Tesla holds patient’s hand to complete the electric circuit that was created by induction between two Tesla coils in resonance.

Tesla’s brand of magnetic field therapy became extremely popular to treat pain and soon commercial versions were produced and sold to the public. They utilized one 60Hz sine wave powerline frequency – the same frequency that was used to power North America. It was basically a coil of wire that was plugged into the wall.  The patient would just sit inside the coil of wire to receive the treatment.

IOWNACO Coil to treat pain. Manufactured by Gaylord Wilshire of Wilshire Blvd in Los Angeles

In North America, with the introduction of licensed medical teaching universities, the American Medical Association and FDA was formed to regulate medicine. Since magnetic field frequencies could not be regulated or patented like pharmaceuticals, the practice of electro-theraputics was gradually omitted from medical school course curriculum. Doctors that used magnetic fields in their practice were considered to be “quacks.”

Soviet Union Embraces Magnetic Fields

While the practice of professional electrotherapy fell out of favour in the western cultures, the socialist countries within the former Soviet Union continually improved upon the methods and whole hardly embraced it because of it’s low cost, few side effects and wide range of uses.  Since the government paid for the healthcare of its citizens, they found magnetic fields highly cost effective too.

Tesla had always remained a hero in Austria, Hungary, Croatia and Serbia. Their scientists and doctors altered the frequency of the 50 Hz powerline sine waves and discovered specific frequencies that would influence the various organs of the body. Tesla’s magnetic field therapy became standard use in all medical hospitals and studies on the entire populations of Eastern Europe proved that Tesla’s original sine wave magnetic field therapy was safe and effective – so much so that it became part of their healthcare system.

The Berlin wall comes down and Germany is reunited

Germany Reintroduces Magnetic Fields to the West

When the Berlin wall came down in 1989, a reunified Germany integrated the well developed practise of magnetic field therapy in East Germany, Hungary and the Czech Republic with German bio-tech research and machine manufacturing practices that are world renown. The German speaking doctors of Switzerland and Austria saw an opportunity to merge Soviet biotech with naturopathic medicine. This is when MAS frequency therapy was first developed.

One main body of research in electromagnetic frequency therapy began in Germany after the war in 1952 at the Technical University of Munich. Professor Winfried Schumann and his assistant Dr. Herbert König mathematically predicted Schumann resonances, waves of electric energy excited by lightning discharges in the cavity formed by the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere. The first dominant resonant frequency was 7.83 pulses per second. That frequency is now known as the Schumann resonance. There are several other harmonic resonances that play an important role in nature and our health.  In the diagram below you can see the harmonics of Schumann Resonances. The MAS Special-Multi+ has the capability of producing these individual frequencies.

Harmonics of the Schumann Resonance

To understand the health effect of the earth’s electric field in the atmosphere and on the surface of the earth, we need to pay attention to Nikola Tesla’s discovery of resonant frequencies at Colorado Springs in 1900. Tesla wanted to provide the world with wireless electricity by using the earth as a conductor instead of wires. Since he was promoting the use of alternating current electricity, he wanted to find the ideal frequency to send electrical currents through the ground. Tesla discovered that a 10Hz sine wave would be ideal for the earth but utilizing that frequency would cause Edisons’ light bulbs to flicker. 60Hz was eventually chosen for our power distribution system because our eye’s refresh rate can’t perceive a flicker at that frequency.

NASA and Human Space Exploration

Andechs Bunker

German research in the 1960’s were funded by NASA at the Max Plank Institute and here at the Andechs Bunker, a bomb shelter was converted into a research facility to block all magnetic fields from human test subjects. The scientists learned that if humans were shielded from the earth’s surface electric field, our health would quickly deteriorate. Our circadian rhythm or natural body clock would go out of sync with the pulse of the earth’s electric field. In an attempt isolate and reproduce an ideal frequency, an analog frequency generator was utilized to introduce artificial electric fields into the human test chamber. It was discovered that 10 Hz, the earth’s resonant  frequency that Tesla had first discovered in Colorado Springs was an ideal artificial electric field to support life for space travel – and could be used to treat bone disease in humans.

Subsequent research has shown that our brain produces various sine wave frequencies according to our cognitive states such as deep sleep, gentle rest, light work and vigorous mental or physical exercise.  These mental states have names to specify the range of frequencies that they operate at and they are all incorporated into the MAS.

For example, when you are in a deep sleep, your brain produces very low sine waves in the range of .5 to 4HZ – and these are called Delta Waves.  When you are walking your brain produces Alpha sine waves that are 7.5 to 12.5 Hz. When running or under mental stress, your brain produces Beta sine waves from 12.5 to 30Hz.  These groups of sine wave frequencies can be activated by MAS frequency therapy and are offered as presets. You can increase energy in the human body by adding Beta sine waves.

MAS Offers (CW) Constant Sine Wave Therapy

The greatest worldwide body of magnetic field therapy research originated in the Soviet Union and the majority of their studies on the human population utilized the use of  Constant Sine Waves (CW).  MAS expanded upon the early Herbert König/Schumann/Tesla research and created a scientific medical device that was not only capable of creating a high intensity magnetic field to emulate the earth’s resonate 7.83 hertz  frequency, but also had the versatility to generate a wide range of Sine wave frequencies – up to 9,999 Hz that operate within the spectrum of sound.

Austria – The Healing Sound of Music

Austria is world renown as the birthplace for classical music and a great body of research in the healing aspect of sound and music originates there. Born in Salzburg in 1756, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart showed prodigious ability from his earliest childhood and his music has been demonstrated to have a healing effect in scientific studies.  The city of Salzburg promotes fresh air, good health and classical music as a major tourist attraction and has the highest safety ratings for wireless technology in the world. There is not a lot of electro-smog in Salzburg compared to other cities in Europe.

Listening to music while wearing large headphones has a significant effect on your subconscious mind and has been found to help with Alzheimer disease. Both the sound waves and the electromagnetic fields that are produced by the speakers inside the headphones are converted into electrical vibrations within the ear and within the brain at the same time. Headphones are a form of magnetic field therapy that are used to improve the memory of patients suffering from dimentia. Researchers have also shown full body 40 Hz vibrations can improve the memory of Alzheimer patients.

In a live music situation, the entire human body also absorbs the various vibrations of musical instruments which results in orchestra conductors living the longest and healthy lives of any profession. In their line of work, their bodies are constantly exposed to the vibrational energy from analog sound waves and it has a dramatic health effect on the human body.

Tesla also demonstrated that vibrations can have a profound effect on human health, either from a vibrating platform, a sound field or from a magnetic field. This is where MAS shines over the competition because of the wide range of frequencies that can be used to generate magnetic resonance stimulation within the cells of our body. When you physically vibrate or magnetically resonate the various cells that make up our blood, bones and organs at the correct resonate frequency – they can then recharge, eliminate waste products, absorb minerals, reduce inflammation, improve microcirculation and enhance the immune system.  It’s for this reason MAS choose to offer a wide range of magnetic fields that include frequencies within the sound spectrum – up to 9,999 Hz.

A hand held quartz crystal practitioner singing bowl radiates both analog sound waves and piezoelectric fields when resonated. The sound therapist moves the resonating bowl over the patient which adds an electric field to the body. These bowls operate in the sound frequency spectrum.  Similar healing effects can be emulated using the magnetic/electric fields that are produced by MAS frequency therapy.

PEMF – Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields for Bone Therapy

At the Technical University of Munich, Dr. Shumann’s assistant Prof. Herbert König continued research on soviet magnetic field therapy using complex pulsed electromagnetic fields – sharp rises and falls of the waveform.  Complex square, triangle, rectangle, sawtooth and multi-resonance waveform shapes became popular for magnetic field therapy in the German speaking countries. Each waveform had their benefits for blood circulation, bone growth, cell detoxification, mineral enrichment, nerve/stem cell regeneration and brain wave functions.

Factories began to manufacture magnetic field therapy devices targeted to specific conditions and would utilize one or two wave shapes to make them safe and simple to operate and save on manufacturing costs.

Sine waves are very gentle and safe to use because they are natural to the Earth’s magnetic field. They require a very dense electromagnetic coil and a high magnetic field to make them effective within the human body.

Scientists discovered that sawtooth waves were highly biologically active and can be used in short durations under low power energize cells within our body.  There was no need for lots of copper coils or power to generate an effective sawtooth magnetic field.

Because medical regulations prevented advertising these devices in traditional media, in the beginning, most were sold via multilevel marketing to the general public that wanted to supplement their income by referring the product to friends and family via word of mouth.   

MAS brought together all of the best wave shapes that included 9,999 (CW) Sine wave frequencies in a 100 Gauss intensity to create a “one box does all” product and initially marketed it to sport doctors.  No other device on the market would offer these wide range of features. It is for this reason why MAS became the premier choice for healthcare professionals and an educated general public that want the very best in flexibility and options.

MAS Modernization – The Mat and Pillow

The next incarnation of the MAS product line eliminated the restrictive round Tesla coils that you sat inside of and replaced them with an extremely durable comfortable mattress pad that contained 17 flat copper electromagnetic Tesla coils of various dimensions. This key feature of MAS allows for the various magnetic fields to be evenly displaced throughout the mat so that it can deliver an even optimized electromagnetic field that is required to accurately reproduce the required frequency and waveform shape. Higher frequencies require smaller coil diameter windings.

In 2008,  MAS decided to modernize the design of their controller unit to allow for home consumer use with preset programs and incorporated the latest modulated waveforms that are realized by continued scientific research. It still incorporates the original intent of the first MAS frequency generator – to supply the true earth based 7.83 Schumann resonance and related harmonics, along with the entire spectrum of frequencies up to 9,999 Hz using a sine wave up to an intensity of 100 Gauss – and it includes all of the popular wave form shapes such as the NASA square wave and the low intensity sawtooth waves found in several popular home PEMF devices too.

If you are looking for a magnetic field therapy device that is fully programable machine with power to spare and contains all of the most popular frequencies and waveforms – MAS is the only FDA registered device on the market that offers this versatility at an affordable cost.