MAS has several PEMF systems with the Vital starting at $2599.00 and includes free shipping until Jan 31, 2020!

MAS offers a wide variety of options for the purchaser. You can purchase a complete system that includes the controller unit, mat and pillow or you can purchase the applicators separately.
Purchaser has a 30 day money back guarantee to test the device to their satisfaction. Should they decide to return the device before the 30 day trial period, there is a $500 restocking fee and the customer must pay all return shipping charges to our service centre in Asheville North Carolina.  The device has a 2 year warranty.

When you purchase a MAS product from the USA or Canada, depending upon availability, delivery either comes directly from our factory in Austria or locally within the USA from our service centre in Asheville North Carolina. Delivery of the product usually takes 1 week via UPS. Canadians may purchase MAS to import the device into Canada for their personal use.  MAS Special-Multi+ is an FDA registered device.

In North America, MAS MAGNETICS is the exclusive dealer for MAS products. Other websites that offer the sale of MAS are unauthorized and can only sell used devices that are without warranty or service.

For more detailed information about the various MAS systems that are available and to get started on your purchase, contact us at:

[email protected]

We will have an appropriate Frequency Therapy consultant in your area contact you.