MAS Professional Line of PEMF Products

7 page introductory print brochure featuring our home and professional line of magnetic field therapy devices.
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2 page flyer that gives a brief overview of the history of MAS and the entire range of products that we offer.
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ePAD Portable Units

This is our newest addition to the MAS family of magnetic frequency therapy products. ePads are lightweight, portable, and comfortable to wear. Ideal for the user that is “on the go” or participates in active sports. We even have one for pets.

4 page eBrochure highlights our ePad Relax
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Frequency Therapy eBook on iTunes – Free

Robert W. Connolly is a digital journalist that travels the world to film, document and review new healing technologies that are being developed and adopted by private and public healthcare institutions. His specialty is devices that produce frequencies of sound, light and magnetic fields that are used to heal the human body. In this highly interactive Apple eBook “Frequency Therapy,” he presents an overview of how electromagnetic therapy is used in Austria’s hospitals, doctors offices and spas.

The Apple iBook features interactive graphics, videos and detailed views of the MAS Special Multi+

An Apple iPad or Mac computer with iBook app is required to view the book.

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Invented for Space – Available on Earth

Astronauts suffer from extensive bone loss while in space and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Frequency Therapy (PEMF) can be used to help reverse that process. This 8 page info eBrochure highlights NASA’s medical breakthroughs in medicine and presents patents that NASA has obtained from their research in space exploration. Learn how these medical patents were incorporated into healing devices that are now widely available in hospitals, clinics and in our homes.
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