Education for MAS PEMF Frequency Therapy

The complexities of MAS PEMF frequency therapy may sound to be a bit overwhelming to the average user.  It is like learning to drive a car – once you learn where the controls are everything becomes natural and easy.

If you can learn to work a smart phone, iPad or a computer, you can learn to operate a MAS. Use it privately in your home or professionally as a MAS PEMF frequency therapist.

MAS sells their products to healthcare professionals and the general public with the assistance of authorized frequency therapy consultants. Once you purchase your device, MAS then provides a mentor, free of charge – we pay the consultant to train you online and via phone.

The device comes with a 30 day money back guarantee because MAS wants to ensure that the device works for your particular needs and that you are happy with the results.

Preset Programs to get you Started

To make our products available for home use,  MAS has created a simple to use system called Vital that features 12 preset programs that use a combination of Sine waves and Square waves.  The MAS Special-Multi+ offers similar preset settings but also includes the capability of programming the device for specific sine wave frequencies up to 9,999 hz.  AND includes the popular PEMF sawtooth “wellness” and complex multi resonance square wave shapes.

The majority of MAS customers are often professionals that want a more versatile PEMF machine to treat a wide variety of conditions that are out of the scope of the current offerings of home PEMF devices. Our customers often have experienced MAS at their doctor’s office or have researched the internet to discover the flexibility of selecting the appropriate frequencies and multiple waveform shape options targeted to specific current and future needs.  Owning a MAS is like owning a pharmacy instead of a personal medicine cabinet. The device is a longterm healthcare investment that can be used commercially and by the whole family – including the pets.

The Austrian Advantage

In addition to the study of pharmaceuticals, most Austrian doctors are aware of the importance of natural medicine and that includes how magnetic and electric fields can effect the biology of cells within our body in both positive and negative ways. For example, when patients present symptoms that may originate from their environment, they often send a specialist to the patient’s home to take measurements for molds, toxic chemicals and chronic overexposures to electro-smog from power lines and wireless communication technology that may have negative effects on health. If problems are located, the doctor will then make recommendations to remove these stressors that are adding to the body burden.  They don’t just treat the symptoms – they remove the cause of the problem. MAS PEMF frequency therapy consultants are certified experts in this protocol.

Create a Health Room

Just like there are rooms in your home dedicated to dining and recreation, your consultant will teach you how to create the ideal “health” room for your MAS therapy. Ideally, you want to emulate the earth’s natural healing magnetic fields inside your home and while you wait for your MAS to arrive, we train you to create a healthy home.

Once your MAS device is installed in an appropriate environment within your home or clinic, you are then provided training materials and many published studies to learn how specific magnetic frequencies and waveform shapes can be used to enhance the MAS experience.

Learn how to charge drinking water, provide for optimal absorption rates for complimentary medicine and minerals, remove waste products from cells, reduce inflammation, promote microcirculation, rebuild bones and much more.  The mind, body and the soul are interconnected via frequencies and the right blend that includes “intention” play a vital role in regaining and maintaining good health.

Support Materials – MAS Frequency Therapy eBook on iTunes – Free

Robert W. Connolly is a digital journalist that travels the world to film, document and review new healing technologies that are being developed and adopted by private and public healthcare institutions. His specialty are devices that produce frequencies of sound, light and magnetic fields that are used to heal the human body. In this highly interactive Apple eBook “A Quick Start Guide to MAS Frequency Therapy,” he presents an overview of how MAS electromagnetic therapy is used in Austria’s hospitals, doctors offices, spas and in your home.

The Apple iBook features interactive graphics, videos and detailed views of the MAS Special Multi+ operating system. An Apple iPhone, iPad or Mac computer with iBook app is required to view the book.

Click here to download from the US Apple iTunes Store

If you don’t own Apple products you can request an electronic version of the user manuals in PDF format.

Send an email to [email protected] and we will forward one along to you.