MAS Applicators

MAS has several different systems that are suited for clinic or home use. When you purchase a MAS, the first thing that you will notice when you lift the mat or pillow out of the box, is the heavy weight of the applicators. Since MAS can also reproduce a gentle tried and true safe-to-use analog Sine Wave at frequencies up to 9,999 Hz, the applicators must produce a very dense magnetic field to cause a biological effect within the body. This requires that the Tesla coil contains a great amount of copper windings.

Sawtooth waves do not require high power or large thick copper coils to influence the body. When using sawtooth waves, the wave shape is performing most of the biological process.  The MAS Special Multi+ features the use of Sine Wave frequencies to effect a specific biological response. The MAS Special Multi+ also includes sawtooth waves to promote overall microcirculation in a short low intensity 8 minute treatment.

Finding the Right Dose

MAS uses a tried and true mathematical formula based on the frequency and shape of the wave to determine the correct intensity of the field to ensure patient safety which is their highest concern.

To deliver these wide range of frequencies and wave shapes, MAS decided not to cut corners and they realize that thick copper coils, a form of semiprecious metal will produce the highest magnetic field density via all wave shapes at all frequencies. It’s the density of the magnetic field that is important – not just the intensity so often promoted by the competition.  

Interior of MAS Special Multi+ Pillow

The magnetic coils are supported in soft yet firm high impact foam to protect the Tesla coil from damage. The pillow is comfortable to use anywhere on the body especially under the head for improving microcirculation and to reduce inflammation.

MAS Special Multi+ and Vital mat and pillow coils.

MAS makes several versions of Tesla coils that are best suited to the intensity, frequency and wave shape from the analog generator controller unit. MAS offers two versions in North America – The Special Multi+ and the MAS Vital. The higher the intensity, the greater the diameter and thickness of the coil that is required.

The MAS Multi-Special+ contains 17 coils

The MAS Special-Multi+ mat pictured above contains 17 ¾ inch thick copper coils consisting of two sizes to allow for an even distribution throughout the entire surface area and to create a high flux density needed for sine waves. The size of the coil determines the frequency range that can be produced.  The larger coils effectively produce the low frequencies and the smaller coils produce higher frequencies just like professional audio speakers do.  The MAS controller unit can generate a wide variety of complex wave shapes that contain bundles of frequencies inside carrier frequencies – such as the popular sawtooth waveform – it’s important to have the MAT accurately reproduce all the nuances contained within the magnetic field using a high flux density.  

Intensity does matter. 

MAS Special Multi+ is considered to be a medium intensity machine, capable of producing up to 100 Gauss or 10 mTesla in intensity in the pillow applicator via a sine wave. The intensity is not high enough to cause muscle contraction or nerve stimulation.  On the contrary, when using highly active sawtooth waves, the MAS Special Multi+ automatically lowers the intensity and time of treatment. Various multi-resonance wave shapes developed by MAS are power adjusted to allow for effective therapy.

New to the magnetic field therapy market are PEMF devices that use a single copper loop that is energized with very high intensities using a short burst of energy to cause the muscle to contract. They flood the body with electrons to temporarily alleviate pain, however, they have the potential to cause harm when used long term or by inexperienced clinicians.  ICNIRP – The world wide government body of health regulators that set safety standards for professionals that use magnetic fields in healthcare, state in their magnetic field safety guideline manual:

“Thus, the perception of surface electric charge, the direct stimulation of nerve and muscle tissue and the induction of retinal phosphenes are well established and can serve as a basis for guidance.”

Research has shown that long term use could be a plausible cause of serious nerve disorders.

Nikola Tesla first introduced high frequency magnetic field therapy over 100 years ago using AC – Alternating Current sine waves and the therapy was very effective.

Tesla stated: “If you want to understand the secret of the universe, think in terms of Energy, Frequency and Vibration.”

The energy that Nikola Tesla was talking about is electromagnetic energy. By using the right frequency, he could energize the cell and vibrate it into resonance to regenerate the body and remove waste products.

Doctors from the former Soviet republics and German speaking countries trained in the professional use of magnetic field therapy understand that the best way to treat the body is to learn to speak the language of the cell. It requires the right frequency (the note) the wave shape (the tone) and the intensity (the volume) so that the magnetic energy will help the cells regenerate into wellness.

MAS Vital with mat and pillow. Prices start at $2599.00