We’re relatively new to North America, but MAS is a well recognized brand in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.  At a recent medical trade show that we exhibited at in Las Vegas, the attendees that visited our booth who were familiar with pulsating electromagnetic field therapy said they were surprised with our low profile but were impressed with the capabilities of our products.  Our answer is simple – our philosophy at MAS is to create a high quality professional medical grade product that would offer a wide range of frequencies. Our clients in Europe are mainly doctors, scientists and therapists. Our products were sold on their referrals. It was all word of mouth.

We do realize that the complexity and cost of our professional products can be a bit daunting to the average consumer, so it was for this reason we decided to expand and offer a new line of affordable easy to use home therapy PEMF products called ePADs. TV programs such as DR OZ has brought PEMF to the masses.  It’s the convergence of our affordable products and growing consumer awareness that brings us to believe the timing is right. It’s time to bring MAS Awareness to North America.

Our experience becomes your experience

Hundreds of studies from eastern Europe and 23 years of our personal experience in western Europe have provided us with the knowledge of how various frequencies and waveforms work best with each other. Our professional products are frequency waveform generators that are highly customizable and pre-programmed – unlike anything that is currently offered by our competition that uses a few fixed frequencies and waveforms at low intensities.

Medical professionals share their personal experience of our products with their patients and they often purchase one for themselves to use in their home. We don’t sell our products via multilevel marketing organizations who are not fully experienced with the complexities of our frequencies and waveforms. Our professional products are exclusively sold by highly trained frequency therapy specialists that can teach others how to best use our brand of PEMF devices. We use the latest technology to bring this information to the public – our user manual is interactive and comes on an iPad. Training in frequency therapy is important if you plan to offer it professionally.

If you feel that you have the experience to become part of our team, and want to spread MAS awareness of frequency therapy, or want to learn more about this exciting new field of energy medicine, give us a call. Training courses will soon be offered in North America.

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