One of the greatest fears potential MAS customers have when considering purchasing a device manufactured in Austria is “what happens should the device fail inside or outside of the 2 year warranty period. Do I have to send it  to Austria for repairs and if it’s out of warranty, what about the cost for service?” Rest assured that MAS understands that it is not logical, timely or cost effective to ship the device overseas for factory repairs. In most cases, it’s a blown fuse or a broken connection at the end of the cable that attaches to the controller unit and our service department can walk you through the process to repair it yourself or at a local electronics shop.

For more complex problems, another concern is the quality of the repairs and the skills of the technicians that are employed to service the device. As you have learned by reading this website, MAS utilizes a highly reliable analog frequency generator that is at the heart of the system. This engine operates at peak performance in the most rigorous of conditions, especially in clinical settings where it is often in constant professional use 8 hours per day.

Throughout the 30 years of business, MAS has delivered many thousands of frequency machines to professional clinics and most of our discontinued models are still in use today because they are built to last!

With these concerns in mind, MAS staffs a service centre strategically located in the USA at Asheville North Carolina led by August Worley, a former design engineer from Moog Music. (He was also one of the first keyboard technicians for Keith Emerson of the music group ELP.) August also helps to contribute to the next generation of MAS PEMF frequency therapy machines.

Below is a preview clip from an upcoming movie on the medical inventions of Nikola Tesla.  This video features August Worley, a specialist in frequency therapy and heads up our service centre in Asheville North Carolina.

Bob Moog with our chief service tech August Worley