Sine Wave (CW) Selectable from 1 to 9,999 Hz

The heart of MAS features an advanced analog frequency generator that is capable of producing a fully programable Constant Sine Wave (CW) from 1 to 9999 Hz. While the competition may boast their devices utilize modern digital technology, the reality is only analog frequency generators have the capability to faithfully reproduce a sine wave.

Just ask any professional musician to compare analog to digital recording equipment and you will soon discover that analog is vastly superior but it comes at a much higher cost. It’s for this reason the competition uses inexpensive digital frequency generators that are not capable of producing artifact free sine waves and offer only square and sawtooth wave shapes. 

You can compare analog and digital waveforms to silk and sandpaper. To your eye they look the same but the touch sensors in your skin can feel a dramatic difference. Silk is smooth and sand is scratchy. Musicians say analog waves feel warmer and this is because your body absorbs sound waves in the same manner it absorbs magnetic fields. Your ears might not be able to tell the difference but your body can. Analog sound waves and magnetic fields naturally resonate the cells within your body to provide a healing effect. That’s why people say analog “feels” warmer.

Sine Waves Effect the Brain

Sine waves were first used in magnetic field therapy over 100 years ago and were mainly based on the 50 and 60 Hz power distribution system in your home.  Scientists soon discovered that your brain generated frequencies from 1 to 40 HZ to control  sleep patterns and promote alertness.  They divided these frequencies into groupings of frequency bands called Delta, Theta, Alpha and Beta. MAS has programs and specific settings to activate these frequencies in your brain and body to promote rest and enhance energy.

Sine Waves Effect the Body

Frequency Specific Biological Effects

The historical use of electricity in medicine date back to the turn of the century when Nikola Tesla first promoted the use of the “high frequency apparatus,” a device that operated in the low AM radio frequency spectrum to treat microorganisms. Other bioelectric pioneers such as Royal Raymond Rife introduced the concept of a (MOR) mortal oscillating rate that could be used to deactivate viruses by applying specific resonant harmonics, and some existed within the audio spectrum. Today we see the introduction of HIFU – High Intensity Focused Ultrasound to treat numerous diseases including cancer.

While low frequency PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic fields) play a significant role in the features of the MAS operating system, high frequency sine waves in the audio spectrum offer some interesting additional capabilities.

A new type of healthcare practitioner is emerging – ” The Frequency Therapist.” Frequency therapy often involves the use of individual tones from metal bowls, tuning forks or quartz crystal singing bowls – some using special A-432 tuning.

MAS Can produce PEMF and Sine waves!

When Dr OZ presented magnetic field therapy on his TV show, he reinforced the term “PEMF” into the minds of his audience. PEMF has now become a buzzword for technology that will heal, however, wireless devices such as WiFi, DECT phones, baby monitors etc. are also pulsed electromagnetic fields – If chronically exposed to these fields, they can lead to undo stress  and cause neurological and cellular damage.

MAS can remove this electro-smog that your body absorbs daily in the environment by using gentle earth based sine waves to reset the cells.