Wave Shapes

Frequency vrs Wave Shapes

If you are new to magnetic field therapy and are shopping around trying to understand what is the best device for you, it’s important to understand how the shape of the wave of the magnetic field adds energy to the cells within your body.

We eat food to supply our body with energy and it’s important that you eat a balanced diet to supply the body with a wide variety of nutrients. For magnetic fields, it’s also important to get a balanced combination of wave shapes and frequencies.

We all have a favourite song that can be played with different musical instruments. The musical notes in a song are called frequencies of vibration. A middle A note is 440 Hz or cycles per second. The timbre of the instrument creates the tone. A quartz crystal singing bowl produces a sine wave. A saxophone produces a sawtooth wave.

A sine wave is a gentle wave and can be compared to the waves of an ocean. Sine waves are commonly used to effect your brain waves. Imagine you are floating on a calm ocean. Slow calm waves will put you to sleep. Fast intense waves will most likely keep you alert. If someone splashes you while sleeping on the water, that pounding wave is like a square waveform. Square waves are good for loosening tight joints and muscles. It’s like getting a hard pounding massage.  Sawtooth waves resemble the blade of a saw – it has teeth and it’s often used to improve blood flow – just like having your back scratched the skin turns red.

These are simple comparisons to ideas you are familiar with and the importance of providing the user with the capability of generating many different frequencies and wave shapes can’t be understated enough. This is where MAS excels over the competition that only provide one or two wave shapes and perhaps a few frequencies using inexpensive to manufacture digital technology.

In the drug world, if you overuse an antibiotic, the virus adapts and over time the antibiotic begins to loose its effect.  In bio-electromagnetics, the same is true for wave shapes and frequencies – the body becomes accustomed to one frequency and one waveform. Simple PEMF devices often begin to loose their effectiveness after a few years of constant use. For music lovers – the same song played over and over again gets boring quickly and this is how the cells of your body will respond to the same frequency and wave shape.

Just like your diet needs to consist of a combination of foods, your PEMF device needs to provide a balanced diet of a wide variety of frequencies and wave shapes to energize your various organs, blood, bone, nerves and skin that operate at their own resonate frequencies.

Of any device on the market, MAS Systems provide the widest range of devices that generate simple and complex analog frequencies and wave shapes.  This is why both seasoned healthcare professionals and informed home users choose MAS.